Association Workbook

Professional Services

The Syndicate as the most important nongovernmental guild authority in Tehran province always attempts to Increase the consideration for occupational health and safety. The syndicate also makes the best effort to improve the professional status of safety graduates and safety experts and defenses from their rights. To present, the major activities have accomplished by syndetic are:

– Recording more than 2800 documents to issuance the safety Certificates for Contractors as the major center for issuance the safety certificate in Tehran
– Introducing safety experts to employers
– Continues attempt to claim and defense of syndicate members rights
– Contributing in Tripartite Assembly of labor Relations in Shiraz
– Contributing in the First Assembly of the Same Manner in Getting Contractors Safety Certificate in Chabahar
– Being a member of major trade unions of the country
– Being a member of the board of directors in trade union confederation in Iran
– The active presence in the professional court of Tehran province by the legal committee
– Being a member of Tehran safety certification committee


Collaborating with Other Organizations

The syndicate to use of other organization’s ability makes a contract with the organizations related to safety territory and collaborating with them in various fields such as training, consulting services and research projects. Among them it’s worth mentioning:

– Collaborating with the Ministry of Cooperatives Labor and Social Welfare about setting up the Occupational Health, and Safety Organization
– Designing and setting up the internet system of getting the safety certificate for contractors all over the country, named ISSAP– Making a contract with the region 6 headquarters of crisis management for collaborating in crisis managing, hold the training course for employment and doing a research project about the safety of some places and buildings in Tehran
– Making a contract with exceptional talent development center of Tehran University of Medical Science for using the educational facilities


Training Services and Publications

The syndicate is one of the greatest centers in developing the safety culture and training in this territory, all over the country. The syndicate by using a professional and experienced training team and by collaborating with the Center of Research and Training for Occupational Technical Safety and Health do the best efforts to provide the courses in the highest level of qualification.
Now the syndicate training department holds almost 100 different courses in public and professional type in the country. These courses have various chapters which include the most important issues in HSE. In these years (2015 to present) the training department has gained great results as follows:

– 8-hour employers courses for 3096 persons
– 8-hour labors courses for 30617 persons
– 8&16-hour safety experts courses for 1161 persons

Passing these course is a great opportunity for every to know about up-to-date principles, methods, and progresses of HSE.
We also honored to:

– Programming to hold NEBOSH and IOSH courses by professional trainers and giving the credible certificate to trainees
– Getting the certificate of conformity to UNI ISO 26000:2010 standard and the certificate of conformity to ISO 10015:1999 standard in appreciate of promoting the culture of safety, health and, environment for community workers and employers from QCB (quality certification bureau) Italy
– Publishing a special journal named “occupational health and safety” to promote the safety culture and coverage the news and temporary issues in this territory


 Active Presence in Expos and Academic Events

– Collaborating in Setting up the 2525 Conference of Tehran Committee of Technical Safety and Occupational Health, May 2017, Tehran
– Organizing 1st Symposium of Certified Safety Authorities, March 2014, Tehran
– Appreciated presence in 2nd Exhibition of HSE, Fire Fighting & Rescue, October 2015, Tehran
– Appreciated presence in 5th Conference and Exhibitions of Cranes and lifting, August 2017, Tehran