Strategic Plan

– Attempting to claim and defense of syndicate members rights
– Trying to Increasing the cooperation within members  in every syndication fields
– Getting good Collaboration with the syndicate and the members in syndication issues
– Respecting and protecting actual labor laws and considering to professional etiquette
– Reflecting on the problems, issues and the syndicate solutions to the competent government agencies
– Collaborating with administrative agencies to carry out the actual law
– Improving the professional  status of occupational health and safety authorities
– Protecting the workforce as the most important resource of every company
– Increasing consideration for occupational health and safety in labor and employer community
– Collaborating with other syndicates in occupational health and safety territory
– Considering to issues of training, scientific and professional progression


In 2014, to create a unique organization for syndicates of occupational health and safety experts in Tehran province, the main members of the BD of these syndicates (Shahriyar & Shahre Ghodse, Varamin, Pishva & Qarchak, Malard, Baharestan& Robat Karim and the East of Tehran) decided to accrete.

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